Jun 23, 2020

3 At Home Arm Workouts To Get Toned

You use your arms EVERY day which is why it’s important to make sure you keep them strong! These no-equipment needed arm workouts will use the weight of your body to get your arm muscles working and growing strong. Bonus? They will also help get your arms toned while you do!

What we LOVE about using your own body for resistance means you will be more aware of your form. So as a beginner, you can focus on learning how to do it right. This will help you later on when you do add some weights to these workouts. A good form is important to make sure you are really targeting the muscles you want to target!!

Are you ready to feel the burn?

Engaging The Core

Before we get started we wanted to let you know that you might not feel the burn you normally would at the gym using weights. This is because you’ll be using your core more than you would at the gym. So you might not feel the burn now but trust us, you will.

The following 3 exercises are recommended to do for 30-second sets and repeat 3-5 times depending on your level. Take your time, slow and steady wins the race!!

  1. Start by lying on your stomach, arms and legs extended.
  2. Lift arms, shoulders, chest, and legs off the floor and hold. Squeeze glutes and keep your gaze toward the floor so neck stays neutral.
  3. Then lower back down to the floor. Repeat twice to count
GIF from Health.com

The Impossible Press-Up

Lie on your belly and move your arms up above your head with palms on the floor. From your fingertips and toes, lift your entire body as high as you can before returning slowly to the floor.

GIF from Mens Health

Stay Hydrated

You are all done! These workouts will be sure to have you feeling the burn and feeling good while you do. If you are looking for some more at home workouts make sure to check our 4 go-to YouTube workouts here.

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