Jun 01, 2020

3 Easy Things To Do To Eat Healthier: BBQ Edition

Eating Healthy

We don’t believe in the type of eating habits that control every little thing that goes into your body. Counting every calorie and weighing every little ingredient before you put it on your plate. We do believe moderation and consistency are the key to your health journey.

That being said, we also know what it’s like to enjoy eating which is why with summer around the corner we thought we’d share some simple tips to eat a little healthier at the BBQ without too much guilt!

BBQ Sauce

What’s a BBQ without some delicious BBQ sauce smothered all over those ribs, burgers, or anything really you can think of to eat?! When looking for a store-bought sauce make sure to pay attention to the ingredients. High fructose corn syrup which is an additive shown to increase appetite is the primary ingredient in many sweet BBQ sauces. It is also because of that they are often more calorific then let’s say Stubb’s Original Bar-B-Q Sauce. Just a simple swap of BBQ sauce can still deliver the taste without setting all your hard work back.



Potato Salad

There’s a reason why this dish is a classic, because who doesn’t love potatoes PLUS it is super affordable to make in big batches and taste good with almost any BBQ entry. Yes, you can use lower-fat mayo but why not try using Vinegar and Oil for its base instead?

Picture from New York Times

By going for a more acidic base instead of mayo, it not only saves calories, but also boosts your metabolism! Talk about a win, win combination! A little added bonus is olive oil leads to higher levels of adiponectin in the body, a hormone that breaks down fats in the body. 

Hot Dogs

Can one really have a BBQ and not grill some hot dogs? You can, of course, go for a low-fat option that you see in the grocery store but we never feel quite as satisfied with those choices. When you want a hot dog, you want to be reminded of going to the ballpark and eating a hot and juicy one! The only issue is the salt intake can be a little high (and by little, we mean a lot) which isn’t good for your heart but also bloating.

Healthy BBQ Hot Dogs LIVology

Which is why we LOVE using  Applegate Naturals Beef Hot Dog when we want to satisfy our hot dog craving. It’s 98% grass-fed beef and water. The other 2% is sea salt, garlic, celery powder, spices, onion, and paprika.

We are always big fans when we can read aloud the ingredients in anything we eat and even better when we are familiar with them! This hot dog tastes delicious and if you want to go a step further you can swap the normal hot dog bun for a whole wheat one too! 

Enjoy Yourself. Don’t Limit Yourself

The true key to a healthier and more balanced you, is making small adjustments for longevity. This a life-long journey and not some fad! If you are struggling with those day-to-day cravings and choices try using our LIVology Activate Capsules. It will help. These capsules were designed to be fast-acting and provide healthy weight support.

The biggest help they provide though is boosting your own performance throughout the day. It also helps stabilize your mood leaving you feeling energized and focused making it that much easier to make the right decision to help you towards your health goals.


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