Aug 06, 2020

5 Cardio Exercises For Those Who Hate Running

Listen, running is not for everyone. For some people, the idea of running for their exercise makes them not want to exercise at all. We don’t want that! Here are 5 cardio exercises you can do from the beginning of your health journey. It’s all about getting your heart pumping and your blood flowing without hurting yourself!

Jumping Rope

Who says you have to go to the gym to get a killer workout or have to spend a load of money on equipment? Jumping rope is affordable, easy and low impact! Just 10 minutes of daily rope-skipping is as effective as 30-minutes of jogging!!!


We love the rowing machine at our gym! It works muscles in almost every part of your body including your back, core, legs, and arms. It is a great all-round cardio workout that not only gets your heart pumping but tones your muscles too.

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Swimming is the perfect exercise to age into. It’s great for relieving stiffness and switching off after a long day. Similar to Rowing, it’s an all-rounder for your body. What makes it the perfect exercise to age into is that it is extremely low impact. For those who are wanting to add a bit of HIIT aspect, there are programs that involve sprints that will help build up your stamina and strength along with muscle tone.


The biggest complaint people have about running is the impact it has on their body, especially in their knees. Cycling is a great cardio workout without that impact. Not only does cycling get your heart pumping but it builds strength, relieves stress, and gives you the opportunity to get outside. Whether it be in the gym or the great outdoors, getting on a bike is good for your body and mind.


You don’t have to go to an in-person class to enjoy this cardio workout! There are hundreds of fantastic videos online so you can work out and get sweaty in the comfort of your own home! Kickboxing is a fusion of martial arts and cardio, resulting in a killer workout that can burn upwards of 700 calories in an hour. Not only that bu,t it is perfect for relieving stress while also learning some self-defense moves too!

See some of our favorite at-home YouTube workouts here. 

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