Jun 05, 2020

June is Men’s Health Month

We are proud to support and raise awareness about Men’s Health Month which takes place all month-long each June! Our goal at Life Activated Brands is to Reactivate Your Life and make sure that you are living the best life you can be. From taking our LivCana products to help restore some balance in your life with high-quality CBD products to our soon-to-be-launched LIVology brand which will help you on your health journey, we are here for you!

The Goal of Men’s Health Month

Did you know that men, on average, die almost five years earlier than women? A big reason for that is men are more reluctant to go to the doctor, according to menshealthmonth.org.

This is why Men’s Health Month is important as it is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among both men and boys. This means encouraging the men in our lives to not only get moving but also to make an appointment to see their doctor to seek medical advice. Many of the issues that can impact a man are preventable!!

How Can You Help?

As Father’s Day approaches let’s talk about a few things you can do with the dad in your life:

Encourage him to get a yearly physical

Most of the factors that contribute to men’s shorter, less healthy lives are preventable. And that prevention starts with seeing their doctor on a regular basis.

Adult men in the US visit their doctors at lower rates than adult women. Without this, it is harder to establish baselines for factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, and prostate cancer risk. A yearly physical allows for monitoring how all those changes over time and will enable the provider to catch potentially dangerous conditions early on when they’re still treatable.

Encourage him to get physical

 Rather than simply telling your dad to exercise and then hoping that he will, do it with him. Join a recreation league at your local community center, sign up for group personal training sessions to get fit together, or simply make a routine out of regular walks. Simple, yes, but not always easy.

Let him know you care

One reason men disregard their own health is that they’re too busy taking care of everyone else. So remind your Dad that you and your other family members need him healthy and around for as long as possible.

Will You Join Us?

Every Monday for the month of June on our Facebook page, we will be sharing a tip to help raise awareness for Men’s Health Month. Join us and make sure to tell the men in your life too!

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